Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Cake Soup Bread, awesome name for a band baby, a band. Matthew tried his hand baking a cake and this is the result... a chocolate cake smothered in pink icing. I haven't tried any of it yet, that I will save it for a few days time as I think Matthew's first cake will be better then ;-) 

This evening we had a Soup and Pudding evening at Connect group. Yip butternut soup yummy, finished off with more yummiest bread and butter pudding. Not sure that is an actual word yummiest but if not now it is, yummiest!

Forget about who has the best Connect group in the Centre Church, for us at the West Rand Connect, there is no competition, we can't compete with the others but we do know we are a flawed group of people that call each other family. We have a long way to go but soup and pudding helps us to be blessed to be a blessing.

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