Monday, 18 June 2018

Made in China

Looking back over the weekend, I find it hard to believe that my best friend Robbie was up from Pietermarizburg and stayed over, yet there is no mention of him in my weekend posts, uhmmm. Okay Robbie I suppose you are grateful because you don't like your photo taken.

Anyways with 2 weeks till month end, I better get cracking. So first thing is off to see a client downtown. Walking up the steps of to get to the factory office I pasted this bag of Polyac ABS resin from a Chinese company called Chimei, just standing there on a landing corner along with a mop, bucket, and a worn out broom.

On the way out, as I past the bag of resin that was covered in Chinese writing, I thought of my photo a day shot. Not much of a composition but that is how I found them. Anyways it brings the stark reality of the Chinese colonisation that is quietly taking over the world, even in the little cleaning things. Still not sure what the resin was there for. Maybe it was just the bag that was getting reused in the cleaning.  

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