Friday, 1 June 2018

Is our God too small?

Our God is too small!

Something has to give. All around me everyone is wearing orange, you would think it is the queen's birthday in the Netherlands but sadly it is more sinister than nationalistic fever. Today everywhere you look in KwaZulu-Natal most people have had enough of gun violence by wearing something orange after 9 year old Sadia Sukhraj was tragically killed in a shoot-out on Monday after a high-jacking, then yesterday a Kelly Chetty was killed in front of his children in a blogged high-jacking. And this morning bullets went flying when a mini war broke out over taxi routes between Pietermarizburg and Howick. Oh what has the Last Outpost become? I thought I had gotten away from all the violence of Gauteng only to find that this indiscriminate killing has spread even to the peaceful corners of South Africa. Oh cry my beloved country.

Wearing orange is okay to bring some sense that we are standing up together as one but will it help when even pastors of churches are carrying guns. Yes you read correctly, the little girl who was killed, her father is a pastor and he pulled out his gun and a battle ensued between him and the high-jackers of his car with the small child still sitting in the back seat. Is no one is safe any more that even God is too small to protect that even his servants have to arm themselves?

So is our God too small?

I remember once, many moons ago, an evangelistic preacher from Kenya who had moved to South Africa, once asked me my opinion on if he should have bodygaurds after visiting a church in Rustenburg whose pastor had bodygaurds. My answer then is the same as now, NO. Your God is big enough. If you have to have people to protect you then your God is too small. The word pastor derives from the word shepherd. Act like a shepherd not a warrior. Get people to run interference if you have to but not bodygaurds, and not carrying guns either. Even running interference is walking too close to the line. Jesus's disciples tried to run interference once, and Jesus had to chastise them, by saying let the children come, you know the story and it is not the only one. Take the women who was so desperate that she believed that all she needed was to touch the hem of Jesus' cloak.  

So to land this. Our God is NOT small so stop treating as such. Our God is more than enough.

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