Thursday, 7 June 2018

Didn't Think

I don't know why I didn't think of this before. Maxy, my oldest Italian Greyhound, has this growth near his inner ear. It is quite painful if he bumps his head or opens his mouth too wide. Now with the boisterous River Song, my large 6 month old German Cross Belgium Shepherd puppy, just running around like a tank, Maxy has been keeping out of her way which is mostly up in the upstairs part of the dog house and he now hardly ventures out. Giving him soft foods have been a mission trying keep the other dogs away.

That was until today, my brain wave. The now defunct vegetable garden, ruined by River Song, and the washing line is enclosed off to the dogs, so I put a small doghouse that wasn't in use inside this enclosure and put Maxy inside. Now he can eat in peace and do one of his favourite things, bask in the sun as the vegetable garden gets lovely morning sun but by mid afternoon it gets cold which means I have to transfer him back to the heated dog house later.

He seems to perk up nicely now that he has his own patch of sun.

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