Saturday, 30 June 2018

Day Before 21

We had to make the long trip across town to Benoni to pick up Matthew's laptop bag because he had his ID book in the bag and he needs it for Monday. But I decided we should make it a day and visit my Aunty Rene in Pretoria. So we stopped for shortbread cookies, as my aunt loves shortbread and inventively gatecrashed my 2nd cousin Simon's 21st birthday party. Well Simon's birthday is actually tomorrow but they could get the whole family together today so why not.

Simon, Tony, Alex, and Matthew

All we wanted was visit my aunt and the whole side of their family was there. Well we aren't that big in family get togethers but Matthew and I were well received, I supposed because we not often in the area, it was good to catch up on family.

Debbie and Matthew

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