Friday, 25 May 2018

15 Bodies

Last night River Song, my German Shepherd cross Belgium Shepherd puppy would not stop barking. It was a windy night with an ill feeling in the air. After many checks with a touch, I resigned myself that I must have a problem puppy as she is just barking at the wind but this morning I learnt that I was far wrong.

Last night another pilgrim fell to the Mamlambo, a mermaid snake like African spirit/goddess that can shapeshift her form at will. Well the Mamlambo that lives here in the splash pool of the Manie Mulder waterfall was on the prowl last night which according to statistics here in this gorge she does on average just over 3 times a year when she is hungry. Our stats count last night's victim as body number 15, the 2nd one this year to be fished out of the Muldersdrift Se Loop, a stream which springs out of the rocks between Roodekrans and Krugersdorp. For the record, the 1st victim this year was on Sunday the 21 January 2018 and a Police helicopter was sent to retrieve the body.

Come on 15 bodies in 4 years! This has to stop. This is a very strong spirit that lives down in the splash pool of the Manie Mulder waterfall, very strong. This Mamlambo, she is very unhappy about all the Protea Trees that are being cut down for firewood and the sewerage that plagues this stream and the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens downstream.

The only fix I can see is to stop people going down into this gorge at night. And to do this I propose that this, the deepest gorge in Gauteng, home to the last 2 African Tree Ferns in the wilds of Gauteng, to be incorporated into the National Botanical Gardens. Yes this area needs to be protected! Alien trees to be removed and the area returned to its natural state. Allow access only during the day for the pilgrims to collect the Holy Water, and to wash themselves spiritually but then leave before dark. No one should be allowed to stay overnight in this spiritual realm, no one. That way the Mamlambo will be happy again.

Well according to the statistics, 1 more pilgrim has to feed the hunger of the Mamlambo before the year is over. Surely 15 deaths is way too much for one stream to cause. Let us put a stop to this and at the same time protect the environment

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