Monday, 30 April 2018

Shower with a Snake

I woke up after a strange night, having over indulged in whiskey around the braai, no I was not drunk but we finished a bottle of some awesomely smooth whiskey. I was just dehydrated. This morning while everyone else was still asleep, I decided a lovely shower outside will do me the world of good.

The sun had just peeped over the flat fields when I stepped into the outside shower. So there I was in all my nakedness standing in the shower trying to get the water to the right temperature when I glanced at my feet an saw what seemed to be a rolled up rag right next to my feet. Strange I never saw that before and in the fogginess of my eyes, not wearing glasses as one does when one showers I saw that it could be a snake as it had patterns. So I bent over to get a better look.

Yes it was a snake but what type. Without my glasses on it could be a baby python or horror a large puffadder. Grabbing my towel I quickly stepped outside into the garden and went straight for my glasses and cellphone back in the house. Carefully I crept back into the shower and sure enough, it was a large, a very large puffadder.

Okay, that was close, I mean thank God that it was cold and the puffadder which was about 10cm from my naked foot was very lethargic. The whole situation this morning could have turned out for the worse but God must have been looking out for me.

Off I went to wake up the farmer's son to kindly remove the snake as I needed my shower and a strong cup of coffee. Martinus arrived with a golf club, and his first words after seeing the puffadder, was on how big it was. Oh well after finally coaxing the beautiful puffadder into a basket, it was relocated far on the other side of the farm and I could continue my shower.

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