Saturday, 17 March 2018

White Cross

I just sat down after a very quiet day at work, when I received the call. I can't write much about the why because not jeopardising a police investigation but I found myself with many others walking the veldt as the light of the day disappeared. 

We came quite close to the Black Eagles nest below us and they were no doubt disturbed by us. They flew around us a few times before realising that we weren't coming near their nest and settling down for the night.

It was a very sad reason why I found myself here in the low light, but I just had to stop to take a short video of the Black eagles as they kept a close eye on us. The correct name for them are the Verreaux eagles but they are more commonly known as Black eagles. In Afrikaans they are called the Witkruisarend or roughly translated the White Cross eagle due to their white markings on their backs in the shape of a while cross. 

So in the low light of Saturday evening, I just sadly stood, frozen as the eagles came very close and continued to watch as the eagles majestically soared on the thermals at eye level to me with every turn a white cross flashed in the light. The hope just rose up in me, that no matter what the outcome God is in control.

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