Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Whats left?

I am struggling to get on top of this man flu. I feel well till about mid afternoon when it hits me again. I think it is about this time that the meds wear off and since I don't want to overdose I have to wait till evening to take some more.

Today at lunchtime, I decided to go take a cat nap and hopefully feel right as rain. I had just put my head on the pillow and closed my eyes when I heard someone drilling. What?

No one should be home, unless my tenant is home and drilling but why should she? So annoyed, I sat up and was about to go investigate the source of the sound which would not allow me to even have a cat nap, when I heard the noise coming from my feet. There was Rosy holding onto a dove about the same size by the throat and the drilling noise was her growing to warn all the other cats who had circled her to back off.

By the time I got her to release the poor dove, there was nothing I could do but discard of the remains. Naughty kitty. I suppose this is how I feel, just a bunch of feathers, that is all, just a memory of myself.

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