Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Spending Time with Mom

Matthew, mom, and me

In South Africa today is Human Rights Day, a day off for the family. Lynda had to get a new dress for a wedding that is coming up and since I already have a suit that hopefully should still fit me, so I thought that that today would be a good day to drive or ride up to Pretoria, pick up Matthew and visit my mom whom I never saw since her operation last month. My mom is staying at my sister and her husband's place, recovering albeit very slowly.

Theresa, mom, and I

I arrived at Matthew's dorm at about 11:30am and found him still fast asleep after an all-nighter watching movies. After a shower, Matthew jumped into the driver's position as he has his driver's learner licence and he drove us to Theresa and Han's home where my mom was staying. Of course we came baring gifts of cake, cooldrinks, hotcross buns, and shortbread briskets in time for lunch.  

Hans, mom, and me

Matthew and I, had a lovely visit of my sister and her family, and a recovering my mom. Her wound is slowly healing and hopefully God willing will be allowed to return home in Sabie. Just before we left, we just had to have a impromptu family photoshoot. Oh course that is how we roll. 

Matthew, mom, Jaen-Jurie (Hans and Theresa's son or Matthew's cousin)

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