Wednesday, 14 March 2018

My Future

I haven't been myself lately, well mainly due to man-flu while storm clouds gather around, and now formable Lynda has been struck down with lady-flu. 

We planted a sunflower in the corner of our vegetable garden last year and a beautiful yet solitary sunflower grew up from the seed. It turned to dust along with our garden as winter struck. Now 2 sunflowers have sprouted, 1 where the original was and this one in the opposite corner. Beautiful! It got me thinking along the lines of faith as that was in my quiet time this morning. Yes I have been struggling with this faith concept since I fell off the edge in December last year and with little faith I have, and it is only a handful, it says I can move mountains. Yet from my perspective, I am still facing the mountain face and it hasn't moved. That is what I am struggling with at the moment, yet it is well with my soul.

Looking at this bright yellow sunflower that came out of the dust, I thought of this mornings words to me, faith is not knowing the future outcome but it is knowing who holds my future in His hands.

So as ominous as my future seems to me, I know I am not but I know I AM, and He holds my future.

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