Monday, 26 March 2018

Gremlins Strike Again

The gremlins strike again. For those who don't know what a gremlin is, well shame on you for being so young. No what this is acually showing my age as Gremlins is a movie from the 80s about little creatures called mogwai and if they got wet they transform into destructive little monsters called gremlins. A swear that pekingese puppy shown above looks like a mogwai. And if there are mogwai, then the inevitable is that there are gremlins.

Since we've moved in here, we have had endless problems with the sewerage line running along from the kitchen with the cottage feeding in. Countless times, have the plumbers arrive to unblock the drain and today they arrived once again but this time they failed due to the excuse that the pipe has collapsed. Gremlins.

The plumbers left and promised that they are going to send a quotation to repair. I also phoned my building insurance company to see if a collapsed drain is covered but after holding on to elevator music with the message "Please note we currently experiencing high call volumes. Your call will be answered by the next available consultant" for over an hour, I had enough and gave up. What more can go wrong. I need to get this fixed. I need wisdom and a plan of action.

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