Friday, 9 February 2018

Work in Progress

My my yesterdays walk just about finished me off and there I thought it would be one area and we will put some sort of marker when we found a flower. Last year they found 149 and yesterday next to nothing, so I was finished.

I hobbled into my first meeting at Zero27 not quite know what to expect and where I would be going from here. The meeting with David went well. I have known David quite a while now and he has this way of tearing me apart every time. I suppose for my own good but sometimes I never know. Anyways it was good to see him again, well this year for the first time. His home is slowly coming along. Every time I am there the house has been improved further, sort of like a work in progress. Here is the custom made wallpaper in the dining room, interesting.

Afterwards, I managed to get the MTN fraud sorted, quite quickly actually, and then it was hobbling into the municipality to organise a test meter. And then finally home before another storm arrived.

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