Saturday, 3 February 2018

Stormy Dream

A storm is about to break as I write this post. It is not about the storm I want to write about but about a dream. It says in Acts that in the last days, God will pour out his Spirit upon all people, by all that includes me; it goes on to say that the sons and daughters will prophesy. The young men will see visions, and the old men will dream dreams. And by old men that means me. So I had a dream last night, a weird one as dreams go, weird enough for me to write it down. Now before I go any further let me state that I always have dreams but they usually something that is subconsciously on my mind but this one, well it is different. It started off about me being in a residence, which I suppose is in my sub conscience as Matthew is currently staying at the the university's residence so that explains that part but then it got weird, really weird.

Well here goes, and I believe someone out there will be able to interpret this dream...

Well it started with me in this large thin room in a residence. The room had 2 beds, my roommate had an out going personality. After he left, I got into sweeping and exploring the room at the same time. Then the dream changed, I was at this Buddhist ceremony, and a monk called for someone from the community to come forward and represent them in the ceremony. The strange thing, I stood up and went forward. Yes this is when it got weird as I am not a Buddhist and was not from this community, an outsider, and a foreigner in other words. The people were shocked but did not stop me.

I walked up to the main monk, who then took a small piece of hot coal out of a fire with tongs and placed it in my left hand. It was very hot and closed my hand around it; the hot coal was burning slightly, so I shook it in my hand so that it wouldn't stay in one place too long. I then went back down to the people waiting and now I had to choose something to represent the people. I saw a half dead leaf, a longish sort of leaf but it had a brown dead scar in the green of the leaf, big enough to represent about a third of the leaf. In my dream the leaf represented the food crop of the people and I chose the scarred leaf and now had to take the leaf back with my hot coal up to the monks.

As I got back to the top were the monks where supposed to be, I found a large square pool between me and the all the monks who were waiting on the other side. Children were swimming in the pool. I was supposed to go round this pool but I decided to swim through it. As I stepped towards the water's edge all the people urged me not to in but around as the hot coal will get wet and go out but I told them that I can swim with my left hand above water.

I entered the water, and started swimming a one arm breast stroke. I got to the other side and found that the leaf was now tired around my wrist and it wasn't green with this large brown scar any more but transparent, clear without blemish. I walked up to the main monk and gave him the still soldering piece of coal. Everyone was all happy and a joyful celebration started.

Well that is when then I woke up. Yes it was a strange dream, being a Christian I am not sure what to make of it. The dream has been at the end of a strange and horrid week when nearly every day something worse has been added to my life. It is as if my burdens have just increase while I am in freefall mode, last month’s extremely high water bill, my car catching on fire, and then finding out someone has fraudulently opened an account at MTN in my name and a debt order is coming off my account for nearly R900 a month.

So as the ominous clouds gather, I look up to the gathering storm. I look up, so that the tears won’t fall. Oh give me strength to be able to even whisper that it is well with my soul. But right now, oh right now I just can’t.

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