Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Lately my second favourite day is Tuesdays after Sundays of course. My least are Mondays no need to go there, and well Fridays used to be my favourite, working from home has wipe that thank goodness its Friday down to a status of Thursdays. Hump Day or Wednesday is okay along with Saturdays but it is Tuesday evenings when we get together for Connect group that makes Tuesday important to me.

Meeting on a Tuesday evening when we all tired from the start of another week, just to connect with each other and discuss Sunday's sermon, pull it apart and of course crit Jon's conversion to vegetarianism which I must say made me block out the rest of his Sunday's sermon. I mean the horror of finding out that the pastor is a no more meat, no more braai person just threw me from the left field that I didn't heard another word out of his mouth. Luckily my Connect group put me straight by saying that Jon finished his vegetarian sentence with only joking as his idea of a good meal is simply a large steak. Shoj, I was contemplating finding another flock where the sheep have teeth. Jon if you are reading this, I am sorry bru, but you can come round for some pork ribs, anytime (just to check that you were joking).

Anyways, since I am stuck in my home office most of the time, I am finding it difficult to get fresh ideas for photos so getting out on a Tuesday evening helps. Here is one of Jesse, a vegetarian of course, delicately eating a mini brownie and below an filter of me getting busted.

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