Monday, 5 February 2018

Coastal Hire

Well Monday, my dear friend, what a start you have given me. Today started with my schedule full with a whole list of To Do’s that I wasn’t sure where to begin. By the afternoon I had to rush out on my Vespa towards Krugersdorp under an ominous looking sky. But I had no choice so and since my pickup is still at the assessors, Vespa it is.

On the way back, the storm broke so I simply pulled into the entrance hall of the nearest shop which turned out to be Coastal Hire Krugersdorp. Then it began to hail. Small hail but torrents of water fell that even the storm water drains battled to cope with the large amount of water falling. While I was waiting it out I was thinking about that all this storm water eventually flows into the Witpoortjie Gorge and down towards the Bot Gardens. This was a lot of water.

After about an hour the storm had dissipated or moved on so I climbed back on my trusty stead as was home in no time. Thanks Coastal Hire for providing me shelter from the storm.

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