Thursday, 2 November 2017

I said No

For the record I said “No”, when Bradley mentioned that a 5 week old kitten called Squirrel needs a new home since its current owner’s dogs are actively hunting the poor little creature. Well when it comes to cats, the cat lady in my life has the final say even if I am actively trying to whittle the number of rescue cats down in favour of more Italian Greyhounds.

So yesterday, this little adorable scruff muffin arrives much to my and the rest of the resident cat’s annoyance. I mean hissy fits and arched backs are in endless supply when any other cats come to greet the fiesty new kitten.

So now we are looking for a new name for this beautiful dilute calico girl, any suggestions? My choices so far are Arwen, Galadriel, Gallifrey, Hoshi, Sarasa, or even Tobi mi-ke.

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mittens said...

oh what a sweet cat. Call her scruffs. Call her muffin. I'd stay away from anything you have to spell when you call the vet, and something "callable'. Had a neighbor who pretentiously named her two cats Camus and Sartre. No one could pronounce them, and she had to spell the damn things for the vet every time.
Needs a hard sound in it somewhere, and two syllables for calling purposes.
She's adorable. They'll get over themselves; and she'll be the latest "new cat" very soon.

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