Sunday, 19 November 2017

Doing Life

Sunday morning, and I am looking forward to going to church. What has happened? After I was retrenched a year ago, I felt down yet at the same time I felt God was doing something in my life but I wasn't in that happy place close to God. I was angry, for example it was 2 days apart when our house was registered and when I was told by the company I was with that they were making my position redundant. What was God doing? Deep down I knew that God had planned for us to have this house, the promises of God where deeply embedded into my heart but the deviousness of the company just rendered me into pieces. I was down and didn't feel like doing church but God was into doing life.

Look at me now, God has brought us here to Centre Church, a place where I am unknown, a place where I am doing life in a new way. I still not sure where God is taking me but I am here Lord.

I introduced myself as Jerome to Stewart after church, shown here with his wife Emma, and he answered, "Oh you are Jerome, I have heard about you". Oh dear that is always ominous, I hope my foot in my mouth reputation hasn't gone before me, but eh God has my back. Stewart and Emma are one of the elder couples leading Centre Church being good stewards so to speak. Emma preached today about Mary, a young teenage girl who fell pregnant by the Spirit of God, and had to face such a predicament of telling her parents, her husband to be. Against all odds before her, she said "here I am Lord, use me".

And now I find myself, in a similar place, no not pregnant although I look it, but I find myself at the edge of a steep precipice, and I cry out to God into the wind "here I am, Lord, take my hand, please, as I can't go on without you. I can’t do this life without you".

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