Friday, 29 September 2017

Pet Peeve

I have been doing grocery shopping for quite some time now and have gotten quite good at it. Yep my pet peeve is when the super market stores don’t mark products or mark products in such a way as to mislead. I found that Spar is notorious for not marking items that are expensive. Pick ‘n Pay, well they put more expensive items on gondola ends with big signage as if to say that it is a special price but you often find better priced items in the aisles. The same with their specials, most times you can find cheaper elsewhere. One thing I like about PnP is that below the price they put in smaller print the unit price as price per kg which I always use when shopping. It has become a habit, look past the branding and buy wisely. I even noticed that bulk items in stores are way more expensive than the popular sizes so it doesn’t help at all buying in bulk. Woolies you tend to trust their quality and their price is way too steep but sometimes just for the convenience of not thinking what I buy, I go into Woolies. That too is becoming a luxury I can't afford often.

In the Checkers, just up the road from me, they grind my nerves when they put the item prices of tags and then slap in the middle they put the price of an item per 100 grams not the actual price. It gets so confusing. Take this Mozzarella Cheese, I am looking for a decent mozzarella but not to break the bank, so then I see R12.99 next to R44.99, I think what is this, but only then do I see per 100G. Urrrrrghhh. Forget that I don’t want to now start working out how much is this cheese compared to the others, I will look somewhere else. And this Checkers does this a lot.

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