Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Veldt Rejuvenation

After the veldt fire a month ago, the veldt has started rejuvenating. New life is and green shoots are sprouting everywhere I look, Yay! I took a walk around this afternoon just enjoying the last of the warm winter sun before spring which officially arrives next week. The birds were singing while the late nest builders were scurrying along building their nests. The busy bees were collecting pollen from the few colourful small flowers that were scattered around the rocky veldt.

And the air was clean, after yesterday’s dust storm, which was a worry but I was way too busy sorting out my electricity to even worry about it. Yesterday an almighty wind blew across the dry land blowing a dust storm of note and hiding the sun from the city of Johannesburg. The worry part is that the wind picks up the fine dust particles of the mine dumps which a lot are radioactive on the West Rand and carries this radioactive dust and dumps it onto the city. Yep it is a problem. But today the air is clean and crisp.

I was enjoying my afternoon in the veldt until I saw this. Yes the Protea trees are still getting destroyed at an alarming rate for firewood. People are still staying overnight in caves and hollowed out hovels in the veldt for religious reasons. When are we going to stop this wanton destruction?

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