Friday, 16 June 2017


Nou gaan ons braai, and we did. It was my 50th birthday a few days back and today is the start of the first part of the half century celebrations, the family braai. But first the TARDIS.

Lynda had organised a Dr Who cake in form of the TARDIS on top of a 3 layered cake with an adapted Dr Who quotation "You’re getting older but not really because time is really a big ball of wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey stuff. Happy 50th Birthday Jerome".

Wow it was a huge cake that we had to somehow get home this morning. I drove very carefully with the cake on Lynda’s lap which of course wasn’t easy aiming for every bump in the road. Even getting it out of the car, I nearly toppled it but it found its home safely on the table in the dining room.

The guests started arriving in drips and drabs; a braai invitation is not to be scoffed at. We had a lovely time with family and friends at my TARDIS braai. Thank you for all who came and especially to Lynda who worked hard to organise this half century celebration.

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