Thursday, 15 June 2017

Guardian Angel

Today my guardian angel worked overtime. To start my story let me start 2 weeks back when I first drove my pickup. I left after work on that Friday 2 weeks ago and rushed over to Benoni to pick up Matthew. As a surprise to Matthew, I had arranged to pick up his cousin Jean-Jurie in Pretoria and drove the long road home late in the evening with 2 boys in the back unbeknown to me that my guardian angel was protecting me in overtime mode.

I arrived home quite late and parked my pickup only to get back in it this morning 2 weeks later as I had to pick up Matthew for my birthday weekend and father’s day. On my usual pre-inspection before setting out to work, I noticed that the pickup’s left front tyre was flat. Expecting that I must have picked up a nail or something those 2 weeks earlier and now have a leak I slowly drove my pickup to the nearest service station and pumped up the tyre. It was on 0.4 bar of pressure but worse was that my brakes were spongy, I must have somehow gotten air into the brake system which was very strange. I carefully drove to work in rush hour traffic.

The first gap I got, I decided to take it in to the closest tyre place to where I was working. The tyre was taken off and checked for any leaks but, this is the next strange park, no leak was found. No nail or leaking valve, nada, nothing. Someone must have let my tyre down. Not thinking that it could have been my guardian angel, as my first obvious person would be the plumber contractor that I had working on my property but things between us had soured. When the tyre was put back, the fitter discovered that my entire hub was lose, hanging on by the last thread of the centre wheel nut, the brake line, and the CV joint.

Oh my word, I was in shock. The entire wheel was about to come off. If I was driving on the highway to fetch Matthew, I could have had a serious accident. Or even worse it could have come off that night when I had the 2 boys in my pickup. Who could have loosened the centre nut? It dawned on me that my guardian angel must have let my tyre down this morning to warn me of the impending danger.

In conclusion to this story is that after the centre nut was retightened and locked into place, the tyre was put back and strangely the brakes were back to normal. My guardian angel must be working overtime protecting me and my family, thank you.

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