Monday, 26 June 2017

Another One

Wow, why so many June birthdays at BankservAfrica and why so many long serving employees. It seems that June a good year for financial coders and there must be something about this company that once you join they don't let you leave. Ohhh I feel a Dr Who episode can be written about these coders who once in never leave. Anyway Ashley beats Gary hands down, not just being part of the furniture but he is the furniture itself.

In 1983 Ashley joined the company as a teller in Durban when it was still know as Automated Clearing Bureau. The company went through 2 brand names changes while Ashley has been here, in 1993 it became Bankserv and then in 2010 Africa was added to the name. Today 34 years later Ashley celebrates his 54th birthday still at BankservAfrica. I say again wow to these long serving coders. Happy days Ashley, may you have many more.

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