Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Calling in the Airforce

We chose this house because we fell in love with the quietness of the countryside even though it is close enough to be in the city, plus it has a view. When we bought we imagined living in the wilderness but with the comfort of the city.

But after moving in we found that the worst of city living was just as close, vagrants had moved into the gorge below our house, no permanent dwellings but into the caves, nooks, and holes. It is not safe walking alone in the veld. Probably just as safe as walking in the Jozi CBD.

This morning I saw someone had constructed a makeshift shelter with what looks like white plastic up the side of the cliff not too far from the cave in which some of these illegals are squatting in. So we sent in the airforce, in the form of a Phantom IV drone, to investigate the white plastic shelter and get some evidence. Not sure what they are hiding under that white plastic but it gives another meaning of living on the edge. The footage of the gorge is fantastic, so enjoy. I think we should do more drone footage of this beautiful yet hidden part of Johannesburg.

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