Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Wanna be Owl

Lying in bed this morning at around 4am drinking some coffee to slowly wake me up, I heard an owl hoo whooing which made me jump out of bed to get all the cats inside. While out in the garden in the my underwear, I could not see how big the owl was, if it imposed any danger to our cats and Italian Greyhounds as it was too dark in the dusk light but I identified 2 owl calls, a large one just above me in the tree and a smaller one coming from the owl box in the corner of our property. Oh please let them be nesting in our garden.

Once it got lighter and I was more suitably dressed I went back out into the garden hoping to see the owls in question and gauge if they would pose a threat to our pets, especially if Eagle Owls grow big enough to take a cat or even an Italian Greyhound sized dog. I could not find any owls, I must have scared them off just from the sight of me in my underwear as surely that would scare just about anyone. But I did find an imposter up in the owl box, a dove who wants to be an owl.

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