Monday, 3 April 2017

Broken Monday

Oh what a Monday!

My day started with the drain being blocked outside the kitchen, so called the plumber to come out today. I then had the mobile windscreen fitters, Autoboys, coming through at 11:30 but needed to slip out quickly to get Lynda’s licence disk of her car renewed before the plumber or the Autoboys arrive.

Coming home from the local municipality offices, my pickup just lost power in the middle of a busy road. It seems to be either a fuel or electrical problem even though it had a full service last week so my only option was to call roadside assistance and get the pickup taken back to the mechanic.

My insurance company sent out Help 24 Towing to assist me and they arrived about an hour later. By that time I was frantic but luckily both the plumber and Autoboys were running late. Help 24 Towing took me and my pickup to the mechanic shop which was not far down the road. Sadly there were no drivers to drop me off at home because it was lunch time so I asked the towing company if they could assist and the driver said he needed authorisation first so he contacted his call centre which flatly denied my request. I wasn’t going to get my insurance involved but I was very upset as I was left with only options, either walk or ulber. Since I only lived about 4km away, I decided to walk in the hottest part of the African day without a hat.

I arrived home in an hour, angry, sweaty, and sunburnt. It was then that I saw the plumber had messaged me to let me know that he can only come round tomorrow and no news from the windscreen fitters, the Autoboys. I phoned them and was told that they are still waiting for stock. That was the last straw, I phoned my insurance company, Discovery Insure and let rip. Sorry but I had lost my cool by then. Not long afterwards, a lady from Autoboys phoned and apologised. It seems that before coming out to me, they discovered a problem with my new windscreen when loading it to come out to me. They had to order a new one and can they re-schedule for tomorrow.

Recalling my day of woes to Lynda this evening, she put a new spin on it for me. She said that it is a blessing that I didn’t take my pickup to Benoni on Saturday like I wanted to, to pick up Matthew and get him to drive back as he now has his Learners Licence and needs to practice driving. Yes I thank God that my pickup broke down close by to the mechanic and not somewhere on the other side of the city. I am still upset with Help 24 Towing though. The walk did me good but my bald head is sun burnt.

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