Saturday, 18 March 2017

Yorkie Lost

Last Wednesday, in the afternoon a storm came through the area, and afterwards I found a pitiful and scared looking Yorkie had taken shelter in our yard. It was an unfixed male and from the looks of it, he has been groomed about a month ago, he has a black collar and a small bow in his hair. I then walked with him, knocking on doors around my neighbourhood looking for his owners.

Sadly the search was unsuccessful but I did meet a large number of new people that I wouldn’t have met, if this Yorkie had not taken shelter in my yard. It was now getting late, so I took him to the Helderkruin Veterinary Clinic to have him scanned for a tracking chip but no luck there either. The vets offered to keep him there for a few days which I did and then went onto social to post some photos on the lost and found animal pages. It was here on one of these social pages that the Maltese, French Poodle & Yorkie Rescue South Africa contacted me.

As of today, no one has come forward, so I handed the little chap, who turned out quite a friendly little dog, over to the Yorkie Rescue. They are going to get him cleaned up, fixed, and placed into a foster home until his owners can be found, that is if they can be found, else they will find him a new home for good.

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