Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Maxy my Italian Greyhound is still in pain from the growth near the inner ear. He is now off the alternative medicine as he now refuses to take it and since late last year we have just been managing the pain but bacteria growth in the affected ear has gotten out of control. About a month back, Andrea, the vet at Silverfields Veterinary Clinic, took a swab of the bacteria and sent it away to be cultured and tested.

The lab results didn’t come back very good as it showed that this bacterium was very resistant to all the medicine thrown at it except one which showed slight affect and that was Otomax. The problem with Otomax, it works better if it is close to the eardrum and Maxy’s ear was so clogged up but we started a process of every two days cleaning with Ococlean, antibiotics, and pain killers.

Andrea and her assistant Carin seeing to Maxy’s ear problem

In 2 weeks Maxy’s ear was much cleaner but the growth was still there and he was still in pain that he cries when he tries to eat, bark, or howl. Good news because we can now try the Otomax and Maxy did put on an extra half a kilogram of weight in the 2 weeks.

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