Friday, 31 March 2017

Mary Jane Possible

I am getting near the end of my tether with Maxy and the growth in his inner ear. I have tried nearly all the medicines available including the alternative ones which can’t be mentioned. I ear seems much cleaner but he is still in pain and I can’t keep giving him pain killers. He is still a happy chap, bouncing like a tigger except when he barks, howls, or eats, and then he cries out in pain.

Today the news is all in the rage over Zuma, our president not, plunging our country into financial chaos just to get his sheep into position to sign a nuclear deal with Russia which will allow his family to gain billions in the process. And then having dagga which is what marijuana is called here in your private home has been de-criminalised, maybe to null the effect of Zuma’s rape of our beloved country. Okay not quite legal yet but not being a criminal offense is on the right path to getting medical marijuana, oh Mary Jane.

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