Saturday, 11 March 2017

Makro Big on Life Fail

Makro and their slogan Big on Life failed badly today on quality of their goods. I am not sure when quality took a back seat at Marko who are now part of Walmart since the American group bought the Massmart group in South Africa. Also part of this group is Builders Warehouse whose prices are not competitive like they used to be.

This morning we went down to our local Makro aka Walmart to buy a micro SD card for Lynda’s phone, and while there Lynda decided that she would like to buy some clothes if she could find something there that she likes. She found this lovely black light jersey but when trying it on something didn’t feel right as if one sleeve was longer than the other. After checking the lengths, sure enough there was a difference. We checked every one of the black jerseys and all of them had different length sleeves.

Didn’t anyone check the quality of the clothing? These must have been mass produced as everyone in this store was incorrect and most likely everyone in South Africa is badly made.

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