Thursday, 23 March 2017

Let there be Light

What a downer of a day. I had work to do today on the computer but at 6am on the dot the power went off. We forgot that the City of Joburg sent out a tweet that power is going to be switched off between 6am and 12pm.

But the City of Joburg lied, yes the power was only switched back on at 3:45pm, that is just about the whole day and I don’t have a generator to create my own nor do I have a fully solar powered home. Grrrrrrrr! Hence the downer of a day.

Oh well when finally the power came on my cell phone battery so pap that I had to wait a while to recharge before looking for a photo to take for the day. It was then that one of our cats, Princess, thought it is a perfect time to hop onto the bathroom counter and have a drink of water.

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