Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Jaded Selfie

Okay try getting a selfie with a wiggly worm called Jade. Not easy but Jade takes every opportunity to get into my arms when I am out in the garden, followed the rest of my dogs and 2 cats Minky and Paddington, which are all vying for my attention, Jade normally wins.

On Sunday, my daughter in law Robynne, lost 2 of her beloved dogs when they got electrocuted due to bad workmanship at their home. It is not nice to lose a loved one, so my heart goes out to her. I had 3 horrible incidents with my dogs, the first was when I lost Skye my beloved whippet to biliary, another was when I found Patch after he was attacked and killed by a pack of Jack Russels, and the last one when Jade broke her leg 2 years ago. If you look carefully on Jade’s front right leg, you will see her battle scar from her broken leg. These are some of the posts over that frightful period, rock bottom, Jade at Lammermoor Veterinary Clinic, Jade and her daddy, banned from the vet, two sick ladies and a tiger, Lammermoor Vets, What to do with Jade? Cat got your Tail? and my favourite it’s behind me, isn’t it?

It is sad today sitting in my garden thinking about Skye and Patch up there across that bridge chasing rabbits and butterflies. Thankfully Jade is still here getting a selfie with her daddy.

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