Thursday, 23 February 2017

Humble Ubuntu

We have a saying here in isiZulu that goes like this, umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu. Directly translated it means that a person is a person through other people, and one needs to stay humble.

Today Velile and I, interviewed some of the staff at Metal Cross Vehicle Makeover Clinic because next week Friday they turn 10 years old, and we were blown away about how this very saying rings so true in the staff, the managers, and the owners of this scratch and dent repair centre that is tucked away between Randburg and Fourways. Both Velile and I spoke afterwards how we noticed the difference between the god-worship of the supreme leader at our old company compared to the genuine humble words coming from these staff members about ubuntu, their family called Metal Cross with their father Frank and mother Liz.

Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu.

So I will leave you with this truth and remember don’t shine so others can see you, shine so that through you others can see God.

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