Sunday, 12 February 2017

How do you wash a Toaster?

Eish, Dael walked into the scullery and found his mom, Lynda, washing the toaster. So how do you wash a toaster? Lynda would answer this question with; easy, just put it in the sink and wash.

Okay a bit of back story is needed explain why and what the heck.

One of Lynda’s cats, Shammy has this nasty habit of spraying on every electronic item he can find, so much so that I would love to get rid of him but Lynda loves him and well, I could never do that to an animal. Anyways, Shammy has wrecked my large screen TV, my computer screen, an external hard drive full of my work and photographs, lots of plugs, and now the toaster. I would have, like the cat simple dumped it but Lynda decided to wash the toaster. Now can we wash the cat too?

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