Saturday, 7 January 2017

Pikhristos Avmacf

Christ has been born! Yes Happy Christmas to all my Coptic friends out there as I drink Egyptian coffee while Omar cuts Matthew’s hair so that he is ready for school, his final year of High School is about to start. It is still pouring down with rain while I sit in this Egyptian Gentlemen’s Barber with Matthew. It is been a blessing for the last 3 days of relentless rain and mist.

The heading, Pikhristos Avmacf, is as closest to the Christ is born greeting as I don’t have the Copt script on my computer. In truth He is born, the saviour of the world has come, not to remain as a baby in a crypt, ahhh so cute but to come save the world by being put to death for our sins. Yes the Messiah has come.

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