Monday, 30 January 2017

Misty Monday Rainy Monday

Monday, Monday, Monday! Sigh!

This morning we woke to soft rain with our home up in the clouds. The gardener arrived but what can one do with rain coming in waves. So not to disappoint him and send him home, I decided that he could do maintenance chores around the home and I had two tasks that I have been putting off for quite some time now, one was to put up the extra fencing to keep the dogs from going into the nature reserve, and the other was dismantle the dog house and rebuild it at the back.

The rain held out while the fencing went up much to the disappointment of the dogs. It was while I was helping the gardener with the fencing, that I noticed a rather large snake skin just outside our wall. It looks like it could be a puff adder or night adder skin but more the reason keep our dogs out.

Halfway through the dismantling of the dog house, the rain said bugger that, and started bucketing down. My well laid out plans had to change; it is now a dismantled dog’s house under the car port and a soaked me in the shower.

Monday, Monday, Monday! Sigh!

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