Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Is FNB Safe?

The saying as safe as houses, has got a new meaning as First National Bank or FNB was hit by a spate of Safety Deposit Boxes robberies. FNB’s house of cards is starting to tumble as you can imagine most of these boxes are not insured and who really knows what were in them. Of course FNB neglectently forgot to inform the users to get insurance and there is reported that one of the safes was left open.

The question arises is FNB safe? From what is being reported, it doesn’t look like they are safe at all. Anyways, taking about keeping ones belongings safe, I had to go to the locksmith to get some duplicate keys cut for the new tenant who is arriving this weekend. And at the locksmith were these safes which look like they have been rather misuses and like FNB could not keep anything safe.

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