Sunday, 22 January 2017

How do you make an Espetada?

John came up from Bethlehem; no not place where Jesus was born but a similar town in the Free State that you could ask if any good thing is able to come out of Bethlehem. But John, a Madeiran from Bethlehem is family and he makes awesome espetadas. So how do you make an espetada?

First you need the right kind of beef which is cut into large cubes.

Once the meat is all cut up into good sized chunks, garlic is chopped up.

Since John doesn’t have bay leaf sticks, but these large skewers, he crushes bay leaves with the garlic.

Course salt is poured onto the garlic bay leaves and is mixed together.

The meat is then skewered onto the large skewers that John carries around with him. I don't think John goes anywhere without his large skewers although I don't think he would have been allowed to take them when he visited Madeira last year.

Once the beef are all loaded, the salt mixture is then rubbed onto the meat.

The espetadas are then placed onto a hot grill and in no time juicy cubes of meat are ready to eat. The not too over done espetadas are scrumptious. A little on the salty side for me but I love putting the hot meat on a freshly buttered roll and uhmmm... mouth watering yummies.

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