Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Golden Slipper

Oh my why is this lady who I later found out was Marie, trying to see if a golden slipper could fit on Hilton’s foot? It is not such a long story, so here goes. Lynda arranged for her dad to get a manicure and pedicure before he heads back to Cape Town and the best appointment that she could get was at Dischem in Clearwater at midday. But somehow I heard Dischem at Princess Crossing, so I arrived at the wrong Dischem a little early only to be disappointed. After a phone call, I got the right address and had to rush over to Clearwater.

I made it in time and that is where we met Marie and her friend admiring some art slippers, after some prompting, Marie agreed to get on her knees and try on Hilton’s foot the golden slipper. Good laughs were had by all. Hilton’s appointment with Linda, the beauty technician, was about to start. I tried to stay but I had to wonder off and leave Hilton in the capable hands of Linda. I came back just over an hour later to find Hilton walking on air after all the pampering he had received.

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