Thursday, 15 December 2016

Jason-Dean and Nadia

As the lone piper’s pipes wailed the Heroes of Kohima, I looked up through the trees as we walked out to the Garden or Remembrance to release the butterflies on this sad Thursday.

A week ago my second cousin Jason-Dean and a friend Nadia, lost their lives in a fatal car accident and today we gathered family and friends in memory of these 2 young people. This year, the annus horribilis of most must surely come to an end soon as we cannot keep going on like this.

What makes it more tragic was that this coming Saturday was surpassed to be Jason-Dean’s wedding to Merchia, and now she was handing out live butterflies while a lone piper played his sad tune. These butterflies were meant for their wedding on Saturday and now they are released at Jason-Dean’s memorial service. They say that a butterfly counts not the months but the moments.

I will be glad once this year is over and I have already decided that 2017 is going to be a ridiculously and blessed year.

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