Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Not Crearis Africa

It was an early night for us last night with the power off. You can only do so much patio sitting watching the super moon try to break through the stormy weather. The lights came on just before midnight; let’s hope this is not a common occurrence with Johannesburg’s City Power.

Taking about bad things, Crearis Africa and its baobab logo left a bad taste in one’s mouth but even in my negativity God had a plan. This post is not about Crearis Africa but about a positive baobab, a good baobab. This evening was our home group’s Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner and we had to share just one thing that we were thankful for. What could I be thankful for in this annus horribilis? Nothing came to mind as I dwelt on this thought throughout the day but then I remembered. After home group last week, the very next morning I started the Chris Tomlin’s Never Lose Sight devotional and I must say it has been a blessing therefore that is something to be thankful for in this dark year, a glimmer of hope to cling my faith onto.

The baobab has always been one of my favourite trees, but it got tainted by Crearis Africa. Seeing a sculpture of one with a candle inside at our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner brought the baobab back to a positive, especially when I had to share my one moment of thankfulness and I glanced at this gecko shaped light shining out. Never lose sight Jerome, on God’s promises and that He has a plan for you, Jerome, yes even you.

Next to the baobab, in the candle light was this sign which stated, in this house we do second chances; we do do grace; we do mistakes; we do real; we do I'm sorry; we do loud really well; we do hugs; we do love; and especially we do family. Love all.

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