Thursday, 10 November 2016

Fever Pitch

I had 2 meetings today, both in Douglasdale, both are seeking ways to re-invent myself as everyone knows that it is difficult to find work at this time of the year as the summer holidays draw near and that as a white male in South Africa, well lets just shake my head. I know God has a plan, but what is the plan, that I have still to find out. Somehow there has been a positive leaning towards forging my own way, of course with God at the helm, and me in fever pitched fear learning to trust God.

Talking about fever, I am discovering more and more things about my garden, as can be seen; we have a fever tree, awesome. The fever tree is up there among the leopard, dikdorning, wild African fig, and baobab trees, as my favourite trees and we now have one. Although I am not sure if a baobab or wild African fig trees can be grown in my garden, a plan needs to be put into place to get a leopard tree and a dikdoring tree.

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