Sunday, 20 November 2016


Dust everywhere, and more dust, no wonder building alterations drive families dilly. Last night after the builders left, I went to lock up and with keys in my hand I slammed the security gate shut only to find I had the wrong keys in my hand. The correct keys were still in the cottage.

I was going to leave it until today for the builders but then I heard water running inside the cottage. A tap which was opened by the builders but produced no water was left on and now whatever was blocking the pipe was unblocked and water was gashing inside the locked cottage. I needed to get in. Panic Stations.

Much to the dismay of Lynda, I knocked open a small gap in a freshly bricked up doorway and shoved Lynda through. Obvious to me as she is a third of my size which meant a smaller hole but she was not impressed.

Well disaster averted last night, building continued today at a furious pace. In the afternoon Corné with his family came over for a swim. Corné being an electrician instructed the builders on the correct installation of our new DB box which had to be moved from inside the cottage to our side of the house.

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