Friday, 21 October 2016


Ouch, a lot of things are in flux which brings a lot of uncertainty to our job security. Trust and integrity plays a big part in what I believe. Now nothing is clear and insecurity is norm. All I have is God to which I can lean into. I have to reaffirm my hierarchical order which top most is God, then family, and thirdly the company I work for. I believe I am a loyal person, well I hope I am, now the branches of my job security is being shaken and all I can rely on is that the roots into the God base on which I stand is deep and strong.

Farewell Kay, may you find peace in all this.

And as I crawl up into a little ball, pressing into the feet of God, I ache to hear His voice. "Have courage" I hear as a whisper in the quietness of the dark, "have courage".

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