Monday, 3 October 2016

The Upside Down Tree

For those readers who have followed my blog would know that the company that I work for, eKayaMedia is going through a transformation, gearing up for something big. The growing pains have not being easy. eKayaMedia is about to change its name, I can’t say what it is yet as that is still under wraps but it has to do with Creation, Africa, Baobabs, and Zebras. Now that is a big clue.

On our boardroom table proudly sits a wireframe of a baobab tree or as African legend calls the upside down tree. The legend goes something like this, a long time ago, when the Creator made all the plants and animals, a tree sprouted up alongside a lake. As this tree grew tall and strong, it saw all around it all the beautiful creatures that came down to the lake to drink but then the tree saw its own reflection in the water and was shocked. Its own flowers lacked colour, its bark was thick and wrinkly. The tree started to complain to everyone about the bad deal he got. Eventually the Creator got tired of hearing the whining, so in exasperation or maybe to preserve his sanity, he ripped the tree out of the ground, turned it over and replanted it upside down. Now the tree could not see its own reflection and complain. So since that fateful day, the upside down baobab tree had to live in silence, providing shelter for all the animals from the harsh sun.

Now has this legend something to do with the new eKayaMedia or is it that kings and elders use this tree to hold their meetings knowing that the now wiser tree would guide them in their decision making.

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