Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Rob the Builder

Just under 2 weeks left before we move into our new home and the stress is building up. My mom was discharged from hospital yesterday and has to report back to the surgeon in 2 weeks which means she is not able to travel back home in Sabie. This evening Anthony and his wife brought her over to my place to stay for a while. Yes our place is very small but not as tiny as Helene and Anthony’s home.

Earlier today Rob the Builder, a friend from my home cell met me at our new house to measure up converting the existing office on the property into a cottage which we want to rent out. So anyone looking for a 1 bedroom cottage in Roodepoort please make contact now. Above is Rob looking into all the different options and finally we selected the best way forward. Alterations won't take long and will start as soon as we move in.

There is a borehole on the property but the current owner is not sure where it is as he has never used it in the last 20 years that he has stayed there. With the drought and water restrictions I am keen to see if we can get the borehole up and running again but then there is the extra costs.

In just under 2 weeks, I can’t wait to move.

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