Sunday, 16 October 2016

Revenge of the Potatoes

On Thursday was Rebekah’s 1st birthday and today was the party to celebrate her first year with family and friends. Robynne put a lot of effort into making sure that today turns out just right for her daughter even baking the birthday cake herself.

An inflatable jumping castle was blown up by Marco Rebekah's daddy, I hope that is the right word for inflating an inflatable jumping castle. The trampoline had to be moved to one side to allow this monster of a children’s inflatable to fit into the garden. Tables, chairs and couches were set up outside for the guests. Food and snacks were set out and the braai prepared. But as things happen, not all things can go according to plan as the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, things did go horribly wrong.

Last night it rained hard and this morning it was looking like it would continue but the weather predictions look favourable with 89% no rain for the day. Even though the rain threatened throughout the day, it turned out that it wasn’t the rain we should have been worried about, it was the potato salad.

Aah the story of the revenge of the potato salad, well where do I start?

After finishing up with decoration the birthday cake, Robynne, set out to complete her signature dish that her man, Marco, loves so very much, the potato salad. Once finished, she carried the huge glass dish filled potato salad out but somehow as she stepped out of the kitchen her foot caught an uneven paving and without a word she fell hard on top of the salad, CRASH potatoes and glass flying everywhere. Rushing to her side, Lynda and I pick her up from the potatoes and glass and discovered that the shattered glass had sliced a large gash in her forearm. So off to the emergency room, Marco and Kojak rushed Robynne.

An hour and 8 stitches later, Robynne returned and the party resumed with the last of the espetadas being placed on the braai, the Madeiran way. So along with the braaied chops, steak, wors, chicken and espetadas, was more potato salad which Shekinah made while Robynne was at the hospital.

It was little Rebekah’s 1st birthday party and it was a lovely get together of family and friends. Like most family functions some family members are well, you can only wonder why we keep inviting them but they are family none the less. But today it was all for Rebekah, even Robynne can now wear a scar with pride of how the potatoes tried to spoil her daughter’s day but she got the better of all those potatoes.

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