Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Nubian Follicle

Along with "Fees Must Fall" which was hot on the heels of "Rhodes Must Fall" comes the "Going back to Natural" and the Kingdom of Nubia with a Pretoria school girl refusing to change her hairstyle in line with school rules last month. It escalated to nuclear ugly rather quickly with racial lines being drawn all across social and the press. This rebellion against education is relatively confusing to us older generation as I remember a time, way back when I was in school, that boy’s hair had to be short, back, and sides. The girls, well if their hair was long, it had to be tired up. The one rule which got to me was no shaved or dyed hair, ugh! And don’t forget we walked to school bare feet in the snow for miles with only cow pads to warm our toes, and don’t forget we had no cellphones back in those prehistoric days.

Okay that’s my ranting over, let’s get back to the Nubian Queen shown above. In solidarity of all those who want their own hairstyles such as me with my shaved head or my good friend Gail with her purple hair, we now have the Nubian Follicle, a hair piece brought to you by Paballo, seen here modelling her new hair style. You can contact Pabs if you want one. Now has anyone got a Hipster Beard product that I can wear?

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