Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Attack of the Weaver

My flu has being a struggle, as I have never been this sick for this long as far as I can remember. As I start getting better from the one virus, another takes an opportunity to strike while my immune system is depressed. To make matters worse 4 cases of Swine Flu have been reported in my vicinity. Note to self: no kissing of pigs allowed, period!

Shuffling up to my pick-up after work, as in this state a bike will be kind of dangerous, I noticed this pair of guineafowls being dive bombed by a weaver. Although I didn't see one, the weaver must have a nest nearby which is most likely why this little yellow fella is attacking. With cellphone in hand, I had to try get a photograph if only the guineafowls would stop moving away. In the above photo the weaver is blurred in his attack but it is an action shot from a Samsung cellphone camera of Alfred Hitchcock's The Attack of the Weaver.

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