Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Wyrd Dreams

I have had this flu bug now just under 2 weeks and I just can’t get to shake it. Now I am getting sleep deprivation and along with lack of good quality sleep comes weird dreams or in the words my favourite writer Terry Pratchett, I am having wyrd dreams.

The one of the dreams was of me shooting jackals who had came into our yard to eat our cats. Now I would have never hurt any jackal and people have all sorts of interpretations of dreams which I normally laugh off as I believe dreams are subconscious thoughts that are still circuiting through your mind when you sleep. That night of the jackal dream actually had real live jackals just outside our yard howling and communicating to each other as jackals tend to do at night when they are trying to find a way in, hence I had a dream about them. Last night my dreams got even weirder and I believe had nothing to do with any subconscious thoughts as the people and things in the dreams, have never been thought of before or spoken about. The first dream was of me holding a wild grey rabbit in my left hand, and next I knew that this was a holy rabbit of some sorts and now my left hand was the hand of God, a deity of some sorts, wyrd.

The next dream was also wyrd. I saw some some sculptures online and the seller came over to our house to close the deal. I remember it was R4,000 but after seeing the artwork in real life, it wasn’t what I expected. It was made from grey plasticine and not really good. I was thinking how am I going to let this guy down gently that I now don’t want his sculptures. As we walked out through the front door, the seller pointed out that the roof had collapsed on our patio. I took Lynda’s phone to try phone the landlord and while trying to find the number on her phone, I said to the seller that this roof was now taking up my time, I will let him know if I still want his sculptures and waved him goodbye.

I seemed to have difficulty finding the landlord’s number. I asked Lynda where the number was on her phone, she answered but I could not hear her clearly. I kept looking for it but was getting frustrated. All I could hear from Lynda it was Peter somebody. It was then when I realised that I had my bike helmet still on which was the reason while I could not hear Lynda correctly so I took it off and heard her say that the landlord’s number was under Lindsey. Now don’t know any Peter Lindsey and that name never cropped up before.

Anyway the dream got even weirder, as I still had got hold of the landlord yet but looked up and the entire roof on one side of our house had collapsed. We never heard anything, it just was collapsed. Spectators started arriving, people I never seen before, bringing food over for us and also they wanted to see all the damage for themselves. Walking through our house, there was people everywhere, carrying trays of food, looking at the roof, and dusting off ornaments and trinkets. I did not recognise anyone except Lynda, nor did I recognise the house or any of the furniture. The strange part was that I only could see the collapse roof from the outside and not when I was inside where most of the people where plus there was no rubble in the house from the collapsed roof just people milling around.

I remember thinking that we now need to get some security to guard the house and the contents; also that we will now need to pack everything up and stay somewhere else. Why couldn’t I get hold of our landlord and who were all these people was starting to frustrate me. I saw the police arrive and Lynda giving them a statement while I walked in among the spectators who were either bringing food or cleaning ornaments and trinkets which I never seen before. I walked into the kitchen and there was a little girl sitting unpacking little glass ornaments onto the floor from the a shelf. Near her was also a little boy playing with the ornaments.

I awoke very tired this morning with these dreams still embedded into my mind. I remember telling Lynda about these dreams and that one of the thoughts I had during the dream is that I should take a photo of the collapsed roof for my blog. Now wouldn’t it been really wyrd if those photos were actually on my phone instead of this sunset of three trees which I saw on my ride home from work.

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